When you commission me, you agree to these terms of service.
If you don’t read the terms of services, I will not take responsibility for your own inaccuracy.

~General Information

• Mainly use discord for communication and may reach you with possible questions/concerns.

• Please have references ready for your commission. It will help your commission to get accepted.
• Reposting your commission is fine, just include credit to my social media.

• I will not be working on a first-come-first-serve basis, Therefore take all the time to decide on the commission.

• I can only take on a limited number of commissions at a time and as much as I want to accommodate everyone, I will only accept a few clients at a time.


• Commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise discussed
Artwork for commercial use will incur a higher fee therefore please let me know before the order.

• I, as the artist, retain full rights over the created image to profit from, alter, share W.I.Ps and post when and wherever I see fit, on my social media unless stated in the request, without need of prior notice or authorization.


• Paypal invoice only (USD)

• Invoice will be sent out to you once your submission has been approved.

• Commissions are payed in full upfront unless it goes above $300 and then half payment plan is acceptable.

• Commission work will not be started until the payment is made first.

• Please keep in mind that the complexity of the subject might change the price.